Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Halloween weekend

Our Halloween weekend was pretty busy.

Friday evening was fairly relaxed; Kevin cancelled his GURPS game, so we had dinner with Mike, which was nice, and then shopped at a Halloween store. We ended up buying a brain mold at 50% off, as well as other things.

Saturday, our main event was Kevin's Halloween party. Since we had importuned him to host the party, we felt an obligation to contribute. So we contributed--on the same scale that we prepare food for our parties. We made:
- Jello in the brain mold
- a pumpkin cheesecake that Lori had promised to Austin
- ghost cookies made by dipping Nutter Butters in white chocolate, with eyes made from mini chocolate chips (so cute!)
- Lori's cute cat cupcakes
- pigs in blankets (mini sausages wrapped in pieces of crescent rolls and baked)

The party was okay. I tried to start a game of Cthulhu 500 to get my attention away from the food, but the game got interrupted often by people watching DVDs and so forth. (And I got doomed in the game, because I had a hangar-queen car, Austin had cards to do a lot of damage to other cars, and I had gotten rid of all my pit crew with Human Sacrifice. Oh well.)

On Sunday, then, we had a lot of work to do: clean the house from the ravages of the previous day's cooking, carve pumpkins for Halloween, and host dinner for our usual Sunday dinner crowd and Lori's family. It was pretty frenetic, but we got it all done. I did manage to carve something more than the usual face in one pumpkin; I used a simple stencil of a soaring bat that looked pretty good.

Trick-or-treater turnout was as good as any previous year at this location, I think; we didn't get a lot of treaters, but we went through a bag or two of candy with only a little left over.
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