Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

The Incredibles

I just got back from watching The Incredibles as part of an Apple-sponsored trip. It was amazingly great. I strongly recommend seeing it, particularly to people who love comics and superheroes.

As usual, Pixar makes an awesome computer-animation movie by making a movie that is first and foremost about characters. The emotional concerns of the family interacting with each other are really what makes the movie great.

But there is also excellent superheroic action and fine explosions. It's really splendid.

There was some humor about the foibles of superheroic style (such as some of the commentary about megalomaniac posturing), but it was clearly done by people who really loved the comic-style superheroics that they were talking about.

I expect that I'll happily see it again with Lori.

Mild spoilers behind cut; I've tried to be as vague as possible, but there were some bits I wanted to mention.

There's a change of heart from one character that felt really solid and well-motivated to me, and I really liked that.

I also liked how well the villain's undoing in the final big fight scene occurred. It was beautifully set up in a Chekov's gun sort of way, but I didn't actually see it coming until it happened. Bonus points to the creators for doing that!
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