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My schedule for this weekend:

work until 7-something.
Meet Lori at a restaurant for dinner.
Skip out before the bill arrives to go back to work.
Come home around midnight. (11PM? After midnight? I can't remember.)

Head into work at 10am.
Leave work at 2:15 to go to Dani and Monica's to play games.
Lose at History of the World, in part because I was making stupid mistakes.
Return to work at around 10.
Leave at around 11:45--discover missing car.
Finally get home with car at 1:45.

Go to buy groceries at 11am.
Start working on tire at noon.
Get home at 1. Clean catbox, and a little more cleaning, then head in to work by 2.
Head home at 6:30 to go visit in-laws.
Head back to work at 9:30.
Home again at 11:45.


Lori's got things just as bad. She might not be putting as many hours in at work, but she's trying to spend time with her mother and get the house cleaned, and she's fighting sickness as well. Our party may be less than sparkling this year, I fear.
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