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Ralph Melton's Journal

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Thursday, August 2nd, 2001
1:01a - Boxes
We had a lot of boxes. Some boxes from moving, some boxes from buying a computer, lots of boxes from wedding gifts. I tend to be something of a pack rat by nature, particularly for specialized boxes and specialized pieces of styrofoam, so we had a lot of boxes.
We had been saving these boxes for two sets of friends who were moving during July. But none of these boxes were used.
Tomorrow is trash day. So tonight I moved out boxes.
I created a pile of boxes of a volume approximately 60% of the volume of Lori's car. I didn't bother to stack them neatly, so I didn't achieve my minor goal of creating a pile higher than my head; the pile was only about five and a half feet high.
I threw out gift boxes. I threw out the specialized boxes our china came in. I threw out the boxes for our computer and our monitor. I threw out the box for the VCR.
And once again I find myself thinking that throwing away boxes represents a strong commitment to having this stuff in this house. And this commitment is significant and nontrivial for me--witness the fact that it wasn't until this year that I threw away the box that had contained the alarm clock that I bought in 1989.

current mood: tired

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1:04a - Meta
Today I have written two journal entries besides this one.

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11:05a - Commute
The simple route from my house to work goes like this:
North on Bevington to Ardmore. Turn left on Ardmore. Ardmore turns into Penn. Follow Penn through Wilkinsburg, Point Breeze, East Liberty, into Bloomfield. Turn into the parking lot.
This route is nearly straight, as straight as one can get in Pittsburgh. But Penn has a lot of stoplights, and it can get unpleasantly congested when it's at all busy.

So I take a route that looks like a few iterations of a dragon curve fractal applied to the previous route:
South on Bevington to right on Norway to right on Burlington to left on Wellington.
Right on Brinton across the Parkway into Edgewood(changing name to Maple).
Right on Swissvale and an immediate left onto Race to take the WOrmhoLE into Regent Square.
Immediate right onto Pennwood and left on Hutchinson. Right on Savannah (which changes its name to Peebles) and left onto Forbes.
Forbes to right onto Dallas up to a left onto Penn. (Remember Penn?)
A slow even drive on Penn can make all the lights until a right on East Liberty Boulevard, which curves around to meet Negley.
Right on Negley and then an immediate left onto Black, which launches into //hyperspace// of a long road with few stops for a nice drive by the cemetery that arrives at Penn (Remember Penn?) under the name of Mossfield.
A right on Penn and an immediate left into the parking lot, and done.

...I feel like e. e. cummings giving directions.

I realize that this route only makes any sense if you know what the route is avoiding. The route doesn't mention that Wilkinsburg has many tedious lights, or that Braddock Ave is intolerable if other cars are trying to use it too, or that Penn Circle is irritatingly slow (as is Penn through Point Breeze and through Garfield).
Perhaps for today I will try to think further about which things in my life are significant and intelligible only in terms of things that they are not.

current mood: reflective

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