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Ralph Melton's Journal

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Wednesday, September 5th, 2001
Remember yesterday, when I was feeling happy about getting tickets to Orlando for $236? Today, there's an e-saver with tickets to Orlando for $159. Ya just gotta laugh.

current mood: wry

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2:52p - Spiral CT Scan
So, this morning, I went to the hospital for a spiral CT scan, as part of the continuing story of Ralph's kidney stones.

The scan was one of the most low-key medical procedures I've encountered. You lie down on a bench and get put through the center of this big plastic donut, and occasionally you get told to hold your breath for a moment. But you're lying down the whole time, your skin remains unbroken, and it's not claustrophobic at all (since your arms and legs are free of the donut).

No idea of what the results are; the appointment had been scheduled for tomorrow, but I rescheduled that for Tuesday.

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My brain is filking to Alanis Morrisette.
My brain hates me.

"It's like a tyyyyypo in your spelling flame,
It's like words of wisdom on talk.politics.lame..."

current mood: ironic

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9:59p - Argh
Remember when I said we would have $25 in the family checking account today? Well, I'd forgotten to record a $31.50 check. Oops.

But that and a few other checks haven't been presented to the bank yet, and I deposited the paycheck today, so I think we'll just squeak through. But this isn't comfortable.

On the plus side, I realized that I don't have to pay quarterly estimated taxes until October, which alleviates the problems of the moment slightly. It doesn't really solve any problems, of course, but it makes things better right now.

current mood: worried

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