September 27th, 2001


The Onion

Often, I find The Onion annoying, but I found most of this week's issue really apt.

I think what I like most is the "Holy Fucking Shit" on the cover page. I think I'm still at that emotional stage about the whole thing.


Last night, we went to bed around 1.

I had trouble falling asleep. I was having some sort of internal distress. The most optimistic interpretation was that it was just gas. The most pessimistic interpretation was that my 5mm kidney stone was trying to come out through a 1mm tube.

I took a couple of Gas-X, but they didn't help quickly. So I pondered and took a Vicodin around 2am. My logic was this: if it was the kidney stone, I wanted it to hold off for a while, so that Lori could get some of the sleep she needs before the pain set in in earnest.

I got to sleep around 3am. I woke up late this morning, without much pain, though my innards are still feeling a bit uncertain.


I'm sitting at my desk in my big office chair, stroking a cat on my lap.

I've definitely got this Ernst Stavro Blofeld groove going on, except with a black cat and not bald.