October 12th, 2001


Toil again

Last night, I finally got around to doing some more digging on the drainpipe. I made some good progress, but there's so much that remains to be done.

I uncovered a hole in the drainpipe about twice the size of my palm. I was able to fit both hands into the whole at once.

During the digging, I was thinking, "this sucks. I wonder if we can possibly afford to get it fixed by a professional." When I finished, though, I didn't feel too badly--I went on to try to do other housework.

Today, though, I feel fairly sore. Most of it is a pleasant soreness, but the soreness of my belly muscles keeps making me think that some sort of digestive distress is going on.


Today we went to Del's again for lunch. I'd been thinking about a fish sandwich all morning, so ordered one.

The fish sandwich contained three big pieces of battered fish, of about the total volume of my foot. This was served on a round sandwich bun. The sandwich bun was able to touch roughly the middle third of the fish.

To my surprise, I was able to eat it as a sandwich without making too much of a mess. It was as tasty as I expected.

I am so full. I want to lie down on the carpet and sleep it off.

There seems to be a tradition in this neighborhood of massive fish sandwiches. I can think of at least three different places that make fish sandwiches big enough to be a meal for two.
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Sneaky Art

I noticed One Over Zero today. At first, I thought it was going to be awesomely stupid. But the more I read, the more I appreciated it. It's got some subtly backhanded implications about theology and justice. It's affecting my thoughts in interesting ways.