October 26th, 2001


Feeling better

It's so nice to be undrugged and still feeling good. I'm feeling so much better.

Having the stent removed was indeed a quick process--the doctor just grabbed the string hanging out and pulled. It was a very oogy feeling when it came out, though. I felt a great need to rest for a bit before leaving the doctor's office.

Mike took me back to my house to get the pain medication, and there we decided that it would take too long to commute back to the office, so we sat and talked about designs for a Java API to our toolkit for a few hours.

I felt some discomfort in the afternoon, and some sharper pain in the evening during D&D, but Percocet controlled that pain by bedtime.

There were a bunch of blood clots in my urine yesterday, but that seems to be reduced.

Today, I've been feeling fine ever since I woke up. It's so nice.
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