October 27th, 2001


Sunday Dinner, October 13

Yep, this is very late.

For dinner two weeks ago, we had in mind to make a French dinner, since we'd just learned that Monica liked creme brulee.

Making a dinner with meat and a dessert with cream would require putting a three-hour gap between them so that Monica could eat both, so it was important we serve promptly at 7.

We'd thought about doing a Provencal beef stew from one of Lori's French cookbooks. But we were somewhat disorganized and late about getting a meal plan and a shopping list. So we planned a "Baked Burgundy Beef Stew" from a Pillsbury Cookbook instead.

For an appetizer, we served cambazola cheese I'd bought at Giant Eagle. It was a bit on the flavorless side, unfortunately.

The Burgundy beef stew was very nice. We should have that more often.

The creme brulee came out nicely too.

I feel reasonably sure that we played some game after dinner, but I can't remember what. Ah--I think it was Merchants of Amsterdam, which Dani had brought. It was reasonably good--much better than it must have been when Dani misinterpreted the rules--but it was basically yet another German 'do a little abstract dance to score in some particular way every so often' game.

Cambazola cheese and crackers
Baked Beef Burgundy Stew
Creme brulee

Merchants of Amsterdam

Sunday Dinner, October 20

For last week's dinner, I was very under the weather from the lithotripsy. Lori had her hands full with taking care of me and the wedding she was in. So it was a huge relief when Monica offered to prepare Sunday dinner.

She brought a frozen lasagna which she had cooked, a green salad (which I remember to be not the usual salad, but I don't remember the details) and homemade gingersnaps for dessert. It was so nice and so very kind of her.