November 5th, 2001


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Should write more about the weekend tomorrow; right now, I just want to vent about work.

After an exceedingly pleasant dinner hosted by Laura and Willie, I came home to look at the results of today's tests.

The results are encouraging: cleaning up three of the filters to avoid a bug cleared up big hunks of the discrepancies. All of the remaining discrepancies between the two programs can be traced to a common cause.

The bad news: The program whose results I'm trying to match with my program is inconsistent about its own results. Viewed one way, it says that 1034 documents pass a given filter. But when I dump the output to XML, it says that only 830 documents pass. (My program gives the 1034 result, but the XML output is what I'm diffing against.) Argh!

In the words of Emily Dresner-Thornber, "Fetch Daddy's blue fright wig. I must be handsome when I unleash my rage." (It's a pay site; you won't be able to read it unless you're a Pyramid subscriber.)

But the end is in sight--I have explained all the errors. Maybe this Zenoesque process will have an end.

Lothie, this one's for you

I dreamed about Lothie last night. Somewhat unusual, because I rarely remember my dreams.

All I remember is this: we were visiting, and hanging out at her father's mountaintop golf course. Then a big bunch of us went out to eat. I remember locking up my bicycle (the bicycle I had in collee) after we got to the restaurant, but I also remember Lothie commenting on the smog and congestion while we were getting there.
At the restaurant, other people had ordered a calzone-ish thing called a "gunship" as an appetizer, but some parrot associated with our group had been nibbling at it and we rejected those pieces.

I have no reason to believe that this will make sense to Lothie or anyone else.

In other news, I discovered yet another connection to Lothie this weekend, through Tim Scales. It's kind of nifty how many different paths I have to her.

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I want to post about four things from the weekend:
- Queria work
- drainpipe repair
- dinner with David and Stacy
- dinner with Willie and Laura

But I'm still feeling frotzed from this morning's arduous discussion with Mark. Hopefully I'll post later.