November 15th, 2001



On Wednesday, I came in, having run the regression tests. Lots of the tests had failed with a single error in cache management.

Over the course of the day, Mike and I restructured code to fix that error and a few other errors.

I ran the regression tests overnight again. It turned out that one program threw up a dialog box, so the overnight tests made no progress for 12 hours until I came in this morning.

Now the regression tests have actually run, and I see that I have six or seven different classes of bugs. Whee.

Here's what I was thinking about work on the way home yesterday:

I go through up and down periods at work. Sometimes I'm incredibly productive, sometimes I'm not very productive at all.

<... interrupted for a few hours while I went to my therapy appointment and to dinner ...>

As I was saying, for the last couple of months, I've been very productive. I've also been extremely focused on work. I've been in one of the longest and highest coding frenzies I can remember.

One aspect of this has been that I've been focusing on work during down time.
I've taken the laptop home to work several times.
At dinner with Laura and Willie, I kept finding myself thinking about work.
On Monday when we were celebrating Lori's mother's birthday, I slipped out a couple of times to check the progress of code.
Today, I had to leave for my therapy appointment while I was in the midst of fixing a bug, and I ended up taking the laptop and writing code while stopped at red lights.
And now I've come back in to work to continue working on passing the regression tests.

But it's making me really tired. I'm having a lot of trouble getting any done other than work. When I get home, I watch cartoons or play mindless computer games. I don't do any work around the house; I don't even read anything deeper than the children's books Lori has.

I expect that once I get this all settled, I'll have a downward swing at work while I regain my energy. I'm kind of looking forward to that.

But right now, I'm back at work after dinner, continuing to debug the regression tests. I hope that I can debug them tonight, so that I can run a long re-test job overnight.