November 16th, 2001


Bug of the Day

This is kind of a nifty bug, actually.

Due to a bug of mine, a file-based array was being sized to the wrong number. Now, it so happens that I had tried to make the wrong number really obviously wrong, so it was trying to grow the file large enough for 0x11111111 4-byte elements. Which is to say, about a gigabyte large.

This resize was failing. And because of imperfect cleanup with the exception, some of the cleanup was creating a deadlock to wait for an event that would never happen.

This was much less obvious when I was just staring at the deadlocked program.

Gas Prices

On my drive in to work yesterday, I noticed a gas station selling gas for $1.439 per gallon. A block away were two gas stations selling gas for $0.999 per gallon. (Both of these prices are self-serve, cheapest type of gas.) I don't understand the economics that let this discrepancy persist.

(The more expensive station was a Sunoco, but it's not a Sunoco thing; a Sunoco six blocks away charges $1.019.)

Other People's Experience of Kidney Stones

I dunno if this will be so funny to people who don't have my experience, but the fourth entry on this page makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

My favorite quotes:

But at this point, it's not over. Apparently, when you stick a hanger like device into the urethra, the urethra reacts badly and decides to close up as to never be violated again. Your urethra is smart, much smarter than you in fact. This is very very bad, because, hey, you need it for stuff. So, the only way to prevent this from happening is to insert a straight plastic tube into the back of your urethra to prevent it from closing and to keep it functioning. THEN YOU GO HOME FOR A WEEK.


The doctor will then reassure you that you may feel some discomfort or pain, but also that many people have gotten along nicely for the week without any discomfort or pain whatsoever. THESE PEOPLE ARE INSANE. You will not be the one without the discomfort, you will be the one with the horrible, unending, tube-caused urethra pain. They expect you to walk around, and act casual! With the tube! in the! and the urethra! and clowns! space monkey! SWEET LORD ALMIGHTY.

This man has captured my experience exactly.
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