November 21st, 2001


I Jump on the Name Bandwagon

My name is Ralph Lynn Melton. The Lynn comes from my father; the Ralph comes from Ralph Eberley, an older friend of my parents.

I always sign my name 'Ralph Melton', but I use 'RLM' as my initials. No particular reason; it's just one of the little quirks that will enable you to distinguish me from the alien clones.

(Though when I bought the house, the closing agent insisted that it all be signed Ralph Lynn Melton. Oh well.)

This Is What I Get For Cooperating With Capitalism

I registered at in order to sign up for the "Apples for the Students" program. Instead of collecting receipts to give to the school, it's associated with the Advantage card--you just show the card when you shop and their automated systems give the appropriate amount to the school you designate.

I discovered that registering gives access to at least some of the data they have on you. In particular, you can get a list of all the products you've ever bought from Giant Eagle.

I can't decide whether to be amazed or horrified.