December 1st, 2001


Critical Hits

This is just another gaming war story, but I'm feeling a need to gloat a bit.

Tonight, in the Bronze Age low-fantasy game that Kevin is running, we were fighting a pair of demonish things--short and squat, strong and healthy, with long dagger-like claws. We were on a 3 hex-wide footbridge at the time.

One of the critters had tripped and fallen on a critical miss. We'd managed to soften the other one up a good bit while it was lying down, but the first one had now gotten to its knees, so it was time to hit it again.

I stepped in and swung my heavy club.
I rolled three 1's.
I rolled a 17 on the critical hit table, for triple damage.
My damage with the club was 2d+4; I rolled a 6 and a 5.
For a total of *45* points of damage.
(For reference, an average human can take 10 points of damage before going unconscious. And hit points don't go up willy-nilly in GURPS as they do in D&D.)
To the torso, so there's no blow-through.

Kevin ruled that the blow had messily shattered the critter's rib-cage.

And, of course, the blow knocked the creature back 5 hexes. Remember that 3 hex-wide bridge? I had taken care to strike the critter sideways.

The GM didn't even roll the falling damage.

(Now, these critters might regenerate, so I'm not perfectly sure that it's dead, but even so, it was an immensely satisfying blow.)
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