December 26th, 2001


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Man, I'm so unproductive. Even on things like journal entries that I've been meaning to do.

It may be that I need to remove Freecell from my computers.

Another Game Story

In Kevin's GURPS campaign, on December 21.

We wander around a bit, exploring unoccupied areas of the dungeontower. Manage to find a prisoner in a secret room, and so forth.

Then we head upstairs, because we want to make sure that we are alone in the tower. Meat's at the head of the line. He hears something in the room beyond before he opens the door. He opens it and sees monsters: two brutish demons and one freak who is a mage on the right side and a demon on the left side.

Kevin had intended this to be a very difficult fight; the two brutes would block the door, making it hard to get by, while the mage would hassle us with spells.

But Meat, following the time-honored tactic of "inconvenience the spellcaster", charged headlong through one of the brutes, knocking it out of the way, and then charged towards the boss-monster. He discovered an unfortunate magical ice slick on the way, but still managed to slam into the boss and knock him down.

In the next few seconds, he managed to grab onto the monster's claw hand. The monster tried to fly off, and dragged him across the ice to the non-icy floor.

Meat and the monster continued to wrestle back and forth. On every turn, we ended up having to look up the rules for what each of us was doing--the turns of those two took up more time than the turns of the other five party members and two monsters.

Meat didn't manage to land a blow in all his wrestling. But he managed to prevent the monster from landing a blow, casting a spell, or flying off the ground during that time. And while he was doing that, the other members of the party finished off the two brutes, and then came over and put down the monster without too much effort.

Other players realized this too. There was a clear feeling among the group that Meat had had a primary role in our winning as easily as we did. I felt very proud.