December 27th, 2001



Willie gave me the "Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Gaming" t-shirt that I had mentioned in my journal. I am so pleased.

Willie and I had a very pleasant lunch together today, just talking about whatnot. I'm glad we did this.

We ate at Taste of India, which I hadn't tried before. They had a buffet today, which provided lots of hot saucy food; a good meal for a cold day.

Sexy Holidays

I noticed a couple of very erotic elements this Christmas:

The first was Deanna Kirk's rendition of "You're a Mean One, Mister Grinch" on a Christmas CD we got. Her voice is so sultry that she makes "I wouldn't touch you with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole" sound like a come-on.

The second was during the Jazz Nutcracker that we saw. The Arabesque Cookies were wearing very sexy outfits, and of course since they were all dance majors in college, they really had the bodies to wear them well. The Sugar Rum Cherry in a slinky black dress was very sultry too.

Dizzy Social Whirl

This is turning out to be a very social week for us:

On Sunday, we had ten people together to celebrate Lori's birthday. (Which was very nice--I think her birthdays often end up less populated.)

On Monday, we celebrated Christmas Eve with Lori's parents and her sister.

On Tuesday, we made Christmas Dinner for eight guests.

On Wednesday, we had Lisa and Pat over to dinner. (Turkey Risotto is a great use of leftover turkey.)

Today, we're actually not getting together with anyone. So we're going to see Lord of the Rings.

Tomorrow, we're having our neighbors Tim and Katy over for dinner.

On Saturday, we have some hopes of getting together with Willie and Laura for dinner and martinis.

And then next week, we'll have Sunday dinner as usual, and then New Year's Eve parties, and then dinner with folks New Year's Day.

So that's a social gathering for nine out of ten evenings.


Addendum: next Wednesday is D&D. So that's ten out of eleven evenings.

I Am Tempted To Wax Derisive

We saw Fellowship of the Rings tonight. It was a good movie, though my listening comprehension and my LOTR-fu were too weak to quite understand everything that was shown.

At the end of the movie, the kid behind us said, "That was a good movie. They were clearly setting themselves up for a sequel."

With some difficulty, I reminded myself that it is through introducing the uninformed to works of merit that the genre sustains itself. Given that, Lori and I explained to the kid that this was the first part of a much longer story, and the second and third movies had already largely been filmed and would be released over the next two years.

But in my head, I thought derisive words.