January 11th, 2002


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This business is either cool or spooky or both. It might be one of those professions (like that of chef or makeup artist) where I don't think I would want the job, but I wish I had the skills.


(Before I judge: I've tried to engineer coincidences myself. I got my first date with Marcia because I calle dup KZSU and asked them to do a ticket giveaway so that I could win movie tickets and use those free tickets to ask her out in a low-pressure way. This is sort of similar, just on a much more expensive scale.)


I have been negligent about posting journal entries, so I didn't tell y'all about Cats, which we saw on Sunday.

Frankly, I wasn't all that impressed.
The plot, of course, is paper-thin.
The music was very synthesizer-heavy, so much so that it screamed "80's" to me far more than it said "good" or "bad".
So all that was left was the dancing and the women in sleek tights. Which factors were both pretty good, certainly--but the Jazz Nutcracker let me see both much more closely.

It was a decent musical, I suppose, but I don't feel any need or desire to see it again, unlike other musicals.