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Ralph Melton's Journal

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Tuesday, February 12th, 2002
11:28a - Rune
On Saturday afternoon, David Wendt, Eli Brandt, Chris Carter, and I played Rune.

Overall review: It was pretty fun. It would be more fun if we were better. It should be even faster to start.

Long but IMHO interesting discussion follows:Collapse )

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1:55p - Italian Grocery
Today, I have discovered that the Italian grocery near my work can supply me with these things that Giant Eagle cannot:
- #3 spaghetti (for spaghetti carbonara--Giant Eagle only provides #10-#13 or so),
- fresh mozzarella (though sadly not the bucconcini I was looking for)
- mascarpone cheese

I already knew that that grocery could supply me with chorizo.

The mascarpone cheese means that we should be able to make Omelet Souffles with Dark Cherries and Mascarpone Honey Sauce this weekend. I have high hopes that that will be wonderfully decadent.

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4:18p - Weekend
David and Stacy Wendt and their ten-month old son Julian came to stay with us on Thursday night, leaving Sunday morning.

Coincidentally, I started feeling vaguely sick (drained of energy, sore throat, headaches, some body aches) on Wednesday or Thursday, and still feel some of the effects. So I'm afraid that I wasn't nearly as good of a host as I had hoped to be. David, Stacy: my apologies.

On Friday, they and Lori went off to Do Stuff, but I stayed home from work and slept most of the day.

Friday night, we went out to Koto Buki with a bunch of people. I'd never been before; I found the sukiyaki very tasty, comparable with the sukiyaki I remember fondly from my family's trip to Japan.

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