February 19th, 2002


Entropy Fairies

My razor normally lives in the shower, which is in the bathroom of the second floor. Over the weekend, the razor had gone missing.

Last night, Lori found it underneath the doormat at the back door.

We presume that this is yet another way in which the kittens are adding entropy to our lives.

Over the Rhine

Last night, I found myself reminiscing about the time years ago that Sean, Jeliza, and I saw a concert with Moxy Fruvous and Over the Rhine.

Moxy was pretty good. This was a time when I was still getting familiar with Moxy, and I liked them a lot more than I do now.

Over the Rhine, though, stank on ice. It's possible that they were just having an off day, since they had just had some changes in membership. But that performance was bad, bad, bad.

And the worst of it was that each of the three of us was thinking, "I'm not enjoying this, but the others probably are, and I don't want to spoil their enjoyment." So we waited for about twenty minutes more than we had to before we discovered that we were unanimous in our low opinion and left.

I told Lori about this last night... she was really amused by my use of the phrase "stank on ice".

(no subject)

A question whose answer will feed into my D&D campaign:

During the Dark Ages, were people aware that they were in dark ages?

(I suppose that this assumes that the Dark Ages were really "dark"--is this an accurate assumption, at least in medieval Europe?)