February 20th, 2002



I have now had to decline a dinner invitation from Deanna and Eli for the fourth time in a row. This makes me sad.

I would like to accept their invitations. It's just that so far I've had scheduling conflicts every time.

Bad Sopapillas

I quite like the food from Si Senor in general.

But today, Larry and Deirdre brought back sopapillas from Si Senor.

I am used to sopapillas being light fluffy pillows of deep-fried air.

These were two flour tortillas sandwiched together with honey and baked until cardboard-crispy.

I am bitterly disappointed.

Perl in Latin

From the abstract:

This paper describes a Perl module -- Lingua::Romana::Perligata -- that makes it possible to write Perl programs in Latin. A plausible rationale for wanting to do such a thing is provided, along with a comprehensive overview of the syntax and semantics of Latinized Perl. The paper also explains the special source filtering and parsing techniques required to efficiently interpret a programming language in which the syntax is (largely) non-positional.