March 5th, 2002


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I now have a desktop computer at work.

Unfortunately, I've discovered that a refresh rate of 85Hz on the monitor maks a big difference for me. I was getting headaches when I had the monitor at 75Hz.

And the monitor/video card in this computer won't do 85Hz at more than 1168x864 resolution, which gives me fewer pixels than the laptop did.


Silly Wizards

This random tavern generator from Wizards of the Coast is just silly.

Check out this tavern it generated:

Tavern Name: Lonesome Gargoyle
Bartender: Male half-orc, 9th-level ranger
Interesting Clientele: Gang of half-orc street toughs, adventurers planing their next move.
Rumors Overheard: An evil wizard has developed a new type of golem. A druid needs help defending her grove against goblins.
Accommodations: Noble (a large private room with large bed, private bath with hot water on request, snacks on request, and private chamber pot in a separate chamber) for 1 gp/day
Today's Menu:

Breakfast: Fried perch, Chicken eggs, Dragon turtle omelet, Apple, Flatbread (cost 1gp).

Lunch: Triceratops steak, Curds, Carrots, Dates (cost 2gp).

Supper: Whole duck, Lentils, Turnips, Rice, Berry pie (cost 2gp).

Snack: Soft cheese, Sea-grapes, Coarse rye bread (cost 8sp).

In case it's not obvious, let me point out a few odd things:

- this tavern is run by a 9th-level ranger. A city of 5-12,000 people might have one or two 9th-level rangers. Doesn't this ranger have something better to do?
- Look at the menu. If you're able to serve real dragon turtle omelets and triceratops steak, you're not going to price it at the same price as 'whole duck'.