March 8th, 2002


Mad Props 2 Laura

Laura came over tonight to help me understand the perverted ways this application is using MFC. Her help was incredibly valuable--I was more productive after she left than I have been in the previous week. Thanks so much.

Laura's opinion seems to have been that this application is a particularly bad and botched use of MSVC. Heh.

Her help was particularly cool because I mentored her with C++ when she'd first come to Pittsburgh, and now she was helping me with MFC. I half-expected her to say, "Once I was the pupil, but now I have surpassed you." It's probably just as well that she did not, though.

Thanks so much, Laura.


In a previous entry, I whined about Dani saying things like "I bet that if we go on straight, we'll find out that everything turned out fine."

It occurs to me now that this may have been an in-character statement. Dani has earlier described his character Prolix as very naive about the world and the risks there.

If that hypothesis is true, how would that change my feelings about that behavior? I'm not sure, honestly.

If that is what is going on, it does suggest that to advance that aspect of the story, there should be some real failure and/or risk--especially to Prolix. I'm not quite sure I want to do that yet, particularly with the implications that would have for the rest of the party.