April 2nd, 2002



Today, I have been sick. Nothing too serious, I hope--sore throat, body aches and pains, fatigue. Some sinus pains, too, which is relatively unusual for me, particularly since I'm not congested.

I've been almost totally unproductive today, except for taking a few naps. I tried to look at some code, but I couldn't shift my brain into gear.

I'd also had hopes of being productive on non-work things. There are journal entries I've meant to write for two weeks now. I'd wanted to prepare for the D&D game tomorrow--and there's background that I've needed to make up for quite some time. There are Pyramid submissions that I'd like to write. And despite my hopes, I didn't do any of that today. I just loafed and slept.

Oh well. I probably needed it.

St. Patrick's Day Party

One of the journal entries I've been meaning to write has been about our St. Patrick's Day party.

It was a nice party, to be sure. We had 30-40 guests, I think. We had our usual excess of food, but not as badly as usual.

Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy the party quite as much as I had hoped.

Part of it was that I felt that I wasn't fully into the party, and that was a real shame.

Another part was that we didn't get as many guests as we had hoped--our parties have usually been about 50 people, and I had hoped that we could get more than usual with this one. (Unfortunately, many of the ex-Clairvoyancers who had been lobbying me to host a party didn't even respond to the invitation. :( )

We had special guests from out of town, including Karen and Seth and Heather and her new boyfriend Matt. (How should I phrase that to indicate that I intend it to be parsed as "(Karen and Seth) and (Heather and Matt)"?) It was a pleasure to know that they were coming for our party. Unfortunately, I didn't get to spend much time with them. In retrospect, it would probably be better to schedule a trip just to visit friends than to try to combine it with a big party. (We need to arrange a trip to see Blue and Magenta, too.)

And, sadly, not all of the guests brought unmitigated delight to the party. One of our neighbors and her son got into something of an argument with Lori's father on the topic of the priest of Lori's church. I wasn't there for the discussion, but from what I've heard, it sounds as if Les did a fairly good job of keeping his temper in the face of provocation, and that they did a poor job of realizing that "let's drop the topic" was a hint that the topic should be dropped.

And her other son was, unfortunately, a geek. I really hate to criticize others as geeks, since I'm never completely sure that I am not the geeky one. But this guy really was getting on my nerves. An example: he came up to me and started talking with/to me about my RPG collection. He suggested getting a campaign together in the neighborhood.
I said vaguely that I was playing in one campaign and running another, and I wasn't sure I would have time for more.
He started hinting strongly for an invitation into my campaign. (I take some pride in avoiding having the question come up directly.)
Then, after it had been established that my campaign was full, when I said that I was running it in D&D, he said, "Please tell me you're running it in Third Edition." When I acknowledged that I was, he pumped his fist and said, "Sweet!"

Now, I invite y'all to judge me and tell me I'm wrong. But doesn't that sound like an excess of enthusiasm for a decision that doesn't affect him in the slightest?

Sigh. He does seem to be a reasonably nice guy... I feel badly about finding him off-putting the way I do.