April 8th, 2002


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I'm so far behind on journal entries. Here's my current to-do list:

- Reverend Horton Heat, March 23
- Easter egg dying, March 30
- Easter, March 31
- "Story of Your Life"
- D&D, April 3
- GURPS, April 5
- Blue Belt, April 6
- Time with Willie and Laura, April 6
- But I'm A Cheerleader, April 6
- Funeral home, April 7
- Rock Bottom restaurant and bad service, April 7

Sadly, I don't post much when I'm energetic and busy, and I don't post much when I'm lethargic. My posting volume is only high in an intermediate state.

(no subject)

I got in to work at 10 or 10:30 today. Because of immediate bugfixing needs, I have just now finished my usual morning ritual of looking through comics and stuff.
This probably accounts for a fair part of why I haven't been very productive of journal entries.

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I just talked to the accountant. His calculation was that we owe even less than TurboTax predicted. Quite a bit less, actually--if he is right, he has saved us about five or six times his fee.

There was a bit of excitement, however--his records didn't include a $3000 estimated tax payment that we had made. The difference between "$2000 more than we have saved for" and "$1000 less than we have saved for" is a very exciting difference indeed.

Later I will talk more about the emotional effects of the taxes; now I must go home.