May 7th, 2002


Sprained Ankle

I haven't been posting much lately. Part of this is that Lori's been using the computer a lot in the evenings, and part of this is that when I've been at work, I've rarely been in the right state where I'm enthusiastic enough to write journal entries but not actually doing work.

Anyway. Last night, I was planning to grill steaks, so I carried our table up to the porch from the garage. As I was coming down the steps, then, I tripped and fell. My ankle hurt, and I figured that I had twisted it.

It was threatening rain, so I used our grill pan indoors instead of grilling outside. (The steaks took much less time than I was expecting from the recipe, and ended up more done than I intended. Oops.)

After dinner, I could feel my ankle swelling up in my boot. When I took my boot off, there was a swelling the size of an egg. Oops. We put a bag of frozen corn on it and called the doctor, who suggested to go off to the hospital.

The hospital visit was a lot more humdrum than my kidney stone visits. Nobody was very excited about my sprain, not even me. On the whole, though, this is a good thing. I got fixed up with an air cast and sent home before midnight.