June 24th, 2002



To journal:
- Deep-fried Oreos
- GURPS Depression
- Our trip to DC, including Heather's party
- The Jean Bonnet Tavern

Deep-Fried Oreos

On Wednesday, we went down to see the Blind Boys of Alabama in concert at the Three Rivers Arts Festival. We were somewhat inconvenienced by parking issues, which caused us to miss the first half of the show.

The show was pretty good, and got the crowd cheering and singing along, but I didn't enjoy it oodles more than I enjoyed the CD. Which is fine.

On the walk to the stage, I had noticed a sign advertising deep-fried Oreos. My curiosity was piqued.
So after the concert was done, we went back and tried one. (One for $1, 6 for $5.) It came topped with powdered sugar and chocolate syrup, just to emphasize exactly how healthy a snack it was.

It was actually pretty tasty. The frying process had softened the cookie part of the Oreo, so the inside was a soft, gooey delicacy.

I would eat one if it was served to me, but I don't think I would order one again.