July 3rd, 2002



Lori's sister Heather has moved in with us, more or less. She moved her stuff up from DC last weekend. Next Monday, then, she'll be going off to Seattle for the summer, returning to live with us in the fall.

(I am still a little uncertain about having her living with us--but it will work out, I'm sure. We've all learned to live with other people, and we have the space for privacy.)

On Sunday afternoon, we moved all her stuff into our basement, so that the truck could be returned.

On Monday evening, a bunch of her friends came over to help move her stuff from the basement into the bedroom and the attic. It was a sticky, cloying evening, with a haze hanging like a quilt over the hills, and carrying boxes and furniture up three flights of stairs was a miserable task. But it wasn't too much labor, because there were lots of porters.


We're off to Origins this holiday weekend.

In a way, I feel that I should feel more enthusiastic than I actually do. I'm a gaming fan, and I read a lot of stuff about gaming and so forth.

But I haven't been coveting new games that much. I go to Phantom with money burning a hole in my pocket, and I don't find that much that I really desire. (Although I did just spend $60 on discounted games, so perhaps my words should not be believed here.)

The same effect is happening to me with Origins. There are people I want to see (most particularly our kind hosts), and I will be happy to discharge the obligation I feel to Cheapass Games. But I can't think offhand of any games that I'm really eager to play.

Ah well. I'll have a good time, and I won't sacrifice too much sleep.

d20 Weekly

The folks at Pyramid have started a new weekly online magazine, d20 Weekly. The magazine is for d20 system stuff, which will obviously center around D&D.

You can sign up for a free trial subscription for the first four issues.