July 29th, 2002


Dream Log: D&D

Last night, I dreamt that I was joining Mike's D&D campaign, and needed to roll up a character.

At first, I was under the misapprehension that ability scores were generated by rolling 6d6 and dropping the lowest die. So I rolled six dice, eliminated one, and totalled the result: 15. On the next roll, though, the dice landed among other people's dice on the table, and I couldn't remember which dice were the ones that I had rolled.

Then I remembered that it was 4 dice, drop the lowest. So I gathered four dice of the same type (red with yellow spots) and rolled those. The ability scores I got, in order, were 6, 3 (everybody oohed, because they knew how improbable that result was), 12, 10, 8, 12.

Two conclusions:
1) I have geeky dreams, and
2) When I have dice luck like this, I should play GURPS, where low rolls are generally good.

Games Night

On Saturday, we went over to Kevin's house to play games.

I had worried that there might be animosity between Alaina and me about our argument a week ago, but I was determined not to start anything. Alaina was so resolved as well, apparently, because we didn't have any unpleasantness at all. I was glad.

Our first game was Apples to Apples. We adapted the rules so that Austin always got to play a card, but the last adult to play had to take their card back. It was a good variation. I had four green cards when Alaina won with five, but that doesn't mean much. My best play was a chance to play "Bill Gates" on "Unscrupulous" when a Linux fan was judging.

After that, we played Star Trek Uno. Not much to stay about this one--I felt sorry for Kevin for not being able to distinguish the colors, and I'm glad that we didn't follow the rule about saying "Star Trek, the final Uno frontier" instead of Uno. Alaina won.

The color problem led us to play a game of regular Uno, which I happened to win.

After that, Steve and Teri had to leave. At Austin's request, we played Ricochet Robot. Lori and Alaina went off to talk in the kitchen or something while Austin, Kevin, and I played.

Despite the Skyy Blue I'd had, which I figured would slow me down a bit, I had an amazing game of Ricochet Robot. I managed to win 12 out of the 17 contests. (For the most challenging one, my solution took 32 moves, though I've since been able to see how I could have done it in "only" 24.)

A pleasant evening.