August 4th, 2002


Things I Ought to Post About

There's been lots going on, but I haven't had much oomph for posting. (Which is exacerbated by the fact that it gets really hot in our computer room.)

Topics to cover:
Sunday dinner, July 28
Deanna and Eli's party on Monday
D&D on Tuesday
Financial crunch
Work issues
Financial crunch II - paying off Lori's car
Omega World
Shadow of a Doubt

Sunday Dinner, July 28

Greater love has no man than to bake all day in 90-degree heat.

This was going to be Deanna and Eli's last Sunday dinner (or at least, their last regular Sunday dinner). So we wanted to make it really special. We planned trifle because Deanna asked for it, and we planned beef brisket barbecue. Mmm, barbecue.

The down side, of course, is that beef brisket barbecue requires six hours of baking. And I had to bake the cake, too, so for a while I had both ovens running in the aforementioned 90-degree heat. It was pretty fierce.

Later that afternoon we discovered that the Morrissons were joining us for dinner. I worried about whether we'd have enough brisket, but there was really no choice in the matter.

The cakes came out a bit oddly shaped because of irregular heat in the oven, and then they came out of the pans only in pieces. I felt bad about that; I don't think Lori would have been likely to make that error. Fortunately, though, the cake was being made for trifle, and custard covers a multitude of problems.

And there was the corn and pea salad with cinnamon-toasted pecans. The first time I toasted the pecans, they came out black and scorched, and I had to run out to the store to buy more.

But it all came off nicely in the end. We had just enough brisket for everybody. (I had hoped for leftovers, but it's really hard to make enough brisket to have leftovers.)

After dinner, we just hung out and talked in the air-conditioned living room. The conversation was a little odd, with several small knots of conversation and a few people not really being in any knot. Oh well.