August 10th, 2002


GURPS Depression, Aug-09-2002

Yesterday we finished up the current adventure in the GURPS Depression game.

No shit, there we were...Collapse )

A very good thing about this session was that I was really acting in character. I wasn't really thinking in character exactly, but when Alec dropped the charm and went for his gun, I knew OOC that the gun was probably useless and the charm would be better, but I couldn't imagine Alec doing anything else. That sort of immersion doesn't often happen in the games I play in.

A particularly unfortunate thing about the session is that it fell into the "PCs as spectators" trap. We didn't really help deal with the gaki much at all--we just came along and managed to avoid being killed. It might have been better if we had been fighting Japanese soldiers while the samurai fought the gaki, or something.

I need to figure out how Alec would retell this story. He has a quirk-level delusion that there's no such thing as magic. Since it's only quirk-level, I figure he would not deny the evidence of his senses, but just assume that there was some scientific explanation.