September 17th, 2002



I've finally gotten a bunch of updates to my journal written. (Not all the ones on my to-do list, but I'm not nearly as behind.)

A big part of what's been keeping me from updating is work. We've been working very hard lately on doing QA for a project from Justsystem we hope to sell in the US.

This means that almost the entire office has turned to QA. We've even brought Lori in as a tester, to relieve me from the most dreary work. (It's been a very good thing for Queria; Lori has found good bugs, and she's been able to ease some of the interpersonal frictions more effectively than many other people might.)

I've been working pretty hard on the part of testing that requires my leet skillz to do. I've done some pretty nifty things on understanding exactly the subtle ways in which things are going wrong.

So I'm doing work at work, instead of writing journal entries. And then I'm coming home feeling tired and drained and that's not helping me write journal entries at all.

(Lori's introducing me to Bejeweled is not helping me get journal entries done, either.)

But I've finally managed to add several long-overdue entries. I've dated them all with the dates that events actually happened, but they still show up as recent in a friends view. Enjoy the minor details of my life! (And comment on them, so I feel all appreciated an'at.)