September 24th, 2002


Record Exchange

Tonight at Record Exchange, I bought 11 CDs for $25.17:

- Industrial Madness: $5.00. A 4-cd set of various industrial music
- Cosmic Thing, by the B-52's: $2.50
- Living in Oblivion: the 80's Greatest Hits, volumes 1 and 2: $2.50 each. Not actually the greatest hits of the 80's, in my opinion.
- Kiss the Sky, by Jimi Hendrix: $2.50. I need to be exposed to cultural elements like this.
- Glam archaos: $1.00 a techno mix CD.
- Dark Sneak Love Action by Tom Tom Club: $2.50. I got to Tom Tom Club through Talking Heads. I strongly prefer Talking Heads, but I've generally enjoyed the Tom Tom Club stuff I've heard.
- and School House Rock! Rocks: $5.00. A collection of rock covers of Schoolhouse Rock songs. The only artist I previously knew was Moby, and his version of "Verb: That's What's Happening" was not my favorite song on the album. My favorite might be "Interplanet Janet" performed by Man or Astro-Man?

Albums I strongly considered but rejected:
- A compilation CD of jazz songs by famous women performers. Sadly, I can't recall the title at the moment.
- A funk collection, for the same cultural broadening effect.
- Pure Disco, which seems to have almost every disco song that I actually know, with the sole exception of "We Are Family". I don't feel a need for disco very often, but I am currently unprepared for a Disco Emergency™. This CD might fulfill all my disco needs. I wasn't quite sure I wanted to pay $16 for it, though I was willing to spend $10.


I've been getting increasingly ready to buy a wireless network for the house.

I'm having trouble figuring out what to buy, though. I know the general setup I want: a router, a card for a laptop, and a card for Heather's desktop PC. Eventually, I'll want to move the desktop to another room and put a card in that too.

Kevin has given me some recommendations for router and laptop cards, which I'm terribly grateful for.

But I'm having trouble deciding among desktop wireless adapters. I even had substantial trouble figuring out that the general category of products I'm looking for is called "Wireless PCI adapter" or "Wireless USB adapter". (PCMCIA has apparently changed to being called 'PC Card', which threw me off for quite a while.)

It's pricey enough that I fear getting stuck with a lemon. But I'm clueless that I'm having trouble sorting things out.

Ah well. It'll all work out.