October 11th, 2002


Computer Update

- The porn popup thing: I've rebooted, and I found and deleted one cookie with the IP address (66,230.217.196, which maps to 'mail.nitechat.tv') that the offensive popups were coming from. We'll see if that helps.

I briefly tried using MSIE's Content Advisor to block access to that site, but this turned out to be an immense nuisance, because it required typing a password to visit almost any web page.

- The wireless hub thing: I noticed that SMC had 24-hour tech support, so I called at around 10pm tonight. I waited on hold for a very long time, and finally spoke with someone with an Indian accent. (No great surprise there.) He said that it's a known problem with my version of the barricade, but that he had to escalate it to the Level 2 tech support to get me a replacement. He'll do so, and I should be receiving e-mail from them soon.

If things work out as predicted, I'm not perfectly delighted by this experience, but I'm certainly satisfied.