October 18th, 2002


Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods in Pittsburgh opened today. I stopped by after work, because I'd heard something about free pumpkins, and I knew that Lori would be interested in that.

The parking lot was full to capacity, well past the number of spaces marked. They had guides directing cars to spots as they became available. This helped a lot, but it was still onerous.

The free pumpkins were only for the first 500 customers, of which I was clearly not one.

I browsed around the store a bit. The prices were significantly higher than Giant Eagle's (an average of 50% or so for items whose Giant Eagle price I knew). The appealing aspect was the variety of fancy upscale foods they had.

The cheese counter was particularly nice. The woman who gave me samples (Cheryl?) was extremely nice and helpful. I can't recall the names of the two cheeses I sampled, but both were good, particularly the herby french one. They do have some unpasteurized raw-milk cheeses.

I noticed apples from local farms, but I didn't buy any.

I managed to keep a grip on myself and not buy too many items. My purchases, with commentary:
- a mini pumpkin for Lori, since there was no free pumpkin
- Annie's "Peace Pasta Parmesan". I wanted to buy Lori the most hippie-ish pasta mix they had, and this tie-dyed box was certainly it.
- chicken sausage with basil and sundried tomatoes. I was very pleased by the variety of chicken sausages they had--this provides a way to use sausage in Sunday dinner meals in a way that works for Monica and Heather.
- Wensleydale cheese with cranberries. I was overwhelmed by the variety of cheeses offered; I picked this one just because it was referred to in a Wallace and Gromit cartoon.
- turkey salami. Salami that Heather can eat.

(no subject)

For the last D&D session, I felt fairly prepared. For this session, things are back to normal. :-/

There's been a lot of stuff interfering with preparation:
- 4 days in Cook Forest
- GURPS tonight
- Game night tomorrow
- home repairs with Lori

And there's plenty of stuff to prepare:
- What the evil greatclub knows about the Cataclysm
- How it seeks to affect the party
- The elf-maiden's backstory
- The description for the monster that's about to attack the party
- The other clues to the cataclysm they might pick up (and that's about all I can say).

I guess I need to figure out which parts can be neglected.