November 8th, 2002


(no subject)

Wow. I've just been talking with someone online about my D&D campaign (and one particular future event I've been pondering), and he suggested an absolutely fabulous idea that could be a splendid resolution for the entire campaign.

I worry that I might railroad the PCs into accepting my resolution--and that would not be cool. But if I can coax this resolution to arise naturally, that would be so amazing.

I really hope this works out so well.

Dream Log

I don't really remember my dream last night, but I remember that it was formatted as an Infocom-like text-adventure game, complete with saving and reloading the game, and frustrating episodes of "guess the verb".

The viewpoint character was Arthur Dent, from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The plot seemed to revolve around thwarting some plot to destroy the earth by dropping an enormous rock (significantly larger than the moon) on it. Fortunately, the point of the rock was missing, and that was the loophole that made it possible to thwart the plan.

Somehow, my old friend Andrew Urquhart was involved too, near the endgame.

No, I don't claim that it makes sense.