November 20th, 2002


D&D Nov-19-2002

I would call this a barely adequate session. I don't think it was actually bad... but I was seriously underprepared, and it fell far short of being great.

It started with a combat, with the party against a water elemental and an ochre jelly. The water elemental was between the large water elemental and the huge water elemental in general ferocity--and further handicapped by being unable to leave its pool.

The PCs managed to do well in the combat by taking one opponent at a time. There were some cool bits:
- at one point Kyle was engulfed by the ooze, and pulled out by Turok just before going unconscious.
- Three weapon attacks on the ochre jelly had split it into four oozes... and then Larissa cast a fireball that eliminated all of them at once.
- When they had finally killed the water elemental, Larissa managed to reach out with a mage hand and catch one of the pearls that were its eyes.

After the combat, there was just treasure-looting and moving on to the next destination. I'd expected folks to want to talk to Ferella or to the greatclub, but I didn't see much interest in that and/or I didn't make those an interesting enough opportunity. I also had intended to start some interaction at one of the roadside taverns (in part to make another safe tavern experience), but that didn't work out either.

Some more things I wish had been better:
- Prolix didn't really have anything to do in the combat. Oops. I had put in the ooze to give folks without +2 weapons something to do, but that didn't work well enough to give him something to do. I should give him a chance to be in the spotlight soon.
- I may have been too subtle about one thing... but I shouldn't say more. In particular, I shouldn't say more if I'm trying to put this together with my previous complaint.

I'm pleased to report that I'm not beating myself up about having a less-than-ideal session, though. Sometimes these things happen--and I would still give this session a passing grade, even if not a very high passing grade.