December 15th, 2002



Yesterday's party went really well. I think it was one of the best parties we've had.

We made one big mistake: we didn't get the word out to our neighbors. But even so, we got a good turnout from the folks I'd sent e-mail to, and a lot of Heather's friends showed up.

We had our usual generous bounty of food, but we didn't have quite the inordinate excess we've had with other parties. Lori had been baking up a storm:
- Cherry-Cardamom Bread
- Orange-Butterscotch Balls
- Cranberry-Apricot Bars
- Gingersnaps
- Chocolate Mint Squares
- Chocolate Cupcakes
All of these were yummy. Her Curried Gouda Spread also got a lot of enthusiasm.
I only made one thing, the "Castle Burger Bites". Even though I only brought them out at 10:30 or so, they all got eaten. I was very pleased.

In previous parties, I had tried to stimulate gaming, and had those attempts fall flat. In this party, I decided not to bother--so by the laws of Murphology, gaming happened. Austin started some games of Carabande, other people played Therapy, and I saw some random other games (Gargon, IIRC) going on.

There was also music going on in the family room, led by Heather. I hadn't encountered Dar Williams' song "The Christians and the Pagans" before--the song really gives me happy tears, because there's just so much that's right about it.

There was one cause for concern: one guest had arrived seeming rather tipsy. Many people noticed and were concerned about his driving home... but he was declining rides when people offered. I was nervously pondering what lengths I would go to in order to prevent him from driving. But it worked out okay: when he went to leave, I asked, "Would you let me drive you home, please?" He asked the reason at first, but he more-or-less agreed when I explained--and as luck would have it, gootmu and mg4h were leaving at the same time, and they live fairly near him. So Marybeth drove him home in his car. I am so very glad that that worked out well. Thanks, Marybeth--I really appreciate it.