January 1st, 2004



I haven't been posting for a couple of weeks, though I've been meaning to. This is so common that it hardly deserves comment. I regret it, but I can't promise not to go silent again; I inevitably will.

Topics to post upon:
- Holiday party
- Enemy motivations in my D&D game
- Christmas
- My dissatisfaction with D&D's dominate person spell
- New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

New Year's Celebrations

To cover my backlog from last to first:

For New Year's Eve, we went to the party at Kevin's house. I was feeling a bit anti-social--enough so that I brought my work laptop with an idea that I might find some out-of-the-way corner and hack--but I ended up warming up and having a good time.

My games didn't come out, which was just fine. But I had a pretty good time with the activities. I played pool. I played several games of DDR2Max on the beginner's level when Pat and Lisa brought it out, and I got it in a way that I had not in previous experiences, and I did respectably well. I didn't try to play the arcade form of Karaoke Revolution, but I did do a baritone version of "Bizarre Love Triangle".

Because Kevin's new house has so many bedrooms, Lori and I spent the night there--but on a full-size futon, which was somewhat close compared to our usual king-size bed. We slept imperfectly (the more so because we went to bed at about 2:30).

We shared the breakfast Alaina had made (pancakes, sausage, hash browns, cinnamon rolls) and hung out there with some combination of chatting, hacking, and pool until about 4pm.

At that point, we headed over to Lori's parents house for dinner. We stopped at a Giant Eagle for black-eyed peas, because I hadn't managed to prepare any, and my family tradition requires black-eyed peas for New Year's Day. One bit of good luck: we managed to pick up a hairstyling kit for free by getting lucky with Giant Eagle's policy of "if there's a discrepancy between the listed price and the scanned price, you get it free." I hope that Lori will tell the full story later.

Dinner was good: juicy roast pork, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, black-eyed peas, rolls, baked squash. Lots of chatting, which had not been guaranteed for me in my sleep-debt condition.

I feel I've covered lots of facts but little emotion here--but it was a pleasant set of celebrations.