January 16th, 2004


D&D Quibbles

A few D&D rules quibbles on my mind:

- The bracelet of friends has some potential abuses. You can attune it to anyone you know, and although it only works on 'willing travelers' (according to 3.5), the rules say elsewhere that anyone unconscious counts as 'willing'. Some ways this could be exploited in my campaign:
- The PCs could use a bracelet of friends to grab Therion out of the Caverns of Laryn.
- Once the PCs rescue Prolix and Turok from Garrett, he could use a bracelet of friends to snatch them back whenever they fell asleep.
(To be clear to my players: neither of these is going to work. I'm not sure how I'll patch the loophole, but I will.)
It would make much more sense to me if attuning a charm from the bracelet of friends required the presence of the attunee; this would make it much more of a bracelet of friends and less of a bracelet of summoning friends and abducting sleeping enemies. On the other hand, doing that would complicate the party's use of the bracelet of friends to rescue Prolix.

- I have a new appreciation for why D&D 3.5 nerfed the fly spell. It's not the flying that I mind so much about the 3.5 version, as much as the speed--at 90 feet, the user of the spell is moving faster than most flying creatures, and much faster than land creatures. So even in an underground corridor, someone using fly can escape almost any running pursuit. I haven't decided what to do about this, since we've already been using the 90-foot fly.

- I'm still peeved about the fact that D&D 3.5 doesn't allow awaken to be cast on an animal companion, particularly since my campaign had already involved Liandra's companion being awakened. I've been occasionally pondering how to reconcile that with D&D 3.5's rules for companion enhancement.
I think that I'm going to treat it as a 3.5 animal companion, with intelligence just as a special effect.