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Ralph Melton's Journal

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Saturday, January 24th, 2004
12:48a - Video game quiz
http://www.madville.com/corporate.php?id=4#guess is the quiz.
Friends and I have figured out all of them except E, H, and O. If you can figure out any of those, please do let me know.

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6:13p - Cheap Soda
This news is almost too late to be useful, but:

Through midnight tonight, Giant Eagle has Coke 2-liters on sale for $0.79 apiece.
AND they have a promotion wherein if you buy ten selected Coca-Cola, Nabisco, or Kraft products, you get a coupon for $7 off your next shopping trip. This promotion includes Coke 2-liters.

So you can buy ten 2-liters of soda for an amortized cost of about $1.00.

I've done this twice today.

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