January 25th, 2004


Stretched thin

To tell the truth, I'm feeling worn down today. I've been working extremely hard at work, even pushing myself into a sort of mania to do so. I've even done a couple of twelve-hour days this week, and I haven't taken a whole weekend off for quite some time.

But it's taking its toll:

- My forearms and hands are aching. This would go away with a few days of rest, but... it's rest they haven't gotten.
- I have a backlog of reading (particularly a lot of RPG books I've picked up), but I'm having trouble reading. My eyes just slide of the text without comprehension. I haven't even tried reading my new Sandman book--I don't think it would work. (Ironically, my feeling that I don't have time or energy to read is provoking me to want to acquire more books and games. I become spendthrift in these times.)
- I've been trying to contemplate my D&D game, and I've been bouncing off of that too; although I often ask myself "what should happen with Turok and Prolix?", I usually don't come to any new insights or answers. I really worry that I won't be performing well at our next session.

The up side of this sort of mania, though, is that it can be channeled into a manic productivity. Despite going to bed late last night, I was up fairly early this morning, unable to sleep and ready to go. Before noon, I had:
- showered
- cleaned up cat puke
- cleaned the cat box
- unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher
- attempted to buy tickets
- shoveled the snow from the driveway

I felt like I was still working hard after noon, but I didn't feel as accomplished. Things I did:
- made a meal plan for the week
- went grocery shopping
- deposited checks
- paid bills
- went grocery shopping again for things I'd forgotten
- paid the Kaufmann's bill in person
- started (but didn't finish) work on end-of-month finances.

I had meant to give blood, buy glasses, and go into the office this afternoon as well, but I did none of those. I'll be going into the office tomorrow, certainly.