February 20th, 2004


Trivia Game Design

I posted this previously, intending to keep it private until I could flesh it out at work. But I erred. So here it is again, with more explanation.

Lori had to do a class project for the silent auction fundraiser for her school (basically a highfalutin bake sale), and she chose to do a class trivia game. She had prepared the board (a single track of colored spaces spiraling to a Finish space at the center) and the trivia cards (each with a picture of one of her pupils, with five questions). She asked me to write the rules.

I don't expect this to be a bestselling game, admittedly. But I wanted to try to make rules that were fun enough that it might be played twice. I was working within these constraints:
- I couldn't change the components, because Lori had worked hard making them and there was no time for revisions.
- There needed to be a clear advantage to correctly answering the questions, but I wanted it to still be somewhat fun even if you couldn't answer the questions. (One sample question: "What was my favorite car in 2 Fast 2 Furious?" I could believe that his own parents might not know that, much less anyone else's parents.)
- I wanted the rules to be simple, for two reasons: 1) the buyers are likely not to be gamers, and 2) I was starting to write these rules after 12:30 am.

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I invite further commentary, particularly from glenbarnett and bluelang.