February 26th, 2004


D&D Miniatures

I've been derelict again about maintaining this journal. Still, most all my energy is going into work.

Lori and Mike are taking a class together on Tuesday evenings at the nearby Catholic church, so he's been joining us for dinner the last few Tuesdays. And I took the opportunity to entice him into playing the D&D miniatures game with me, so we've been playing that the last few nights.

The first couple of games we played had very one-sided results, but this week's game was a very exciting, very close game.

Mike was playing a Chaotic Good warband with lots of archery and barbarians:
- two Elf Archers
- Human Wanderer
- Elf Ranger
- Dwarf Barbarian
- Axe Sister
- Wood Elf Barbarian

I was playing a Lawful Evil warband with special melee abilities:
- Displacer Beast
- Goblin Skirmisher
- Half-Orc Fighter
- Half-Orc Monk
- Kapak Draconian
- two Hell Hounds

I faced some big challenges:
- using cover to let me advance into melee range without facing a hail of arrows
- avoiding the devastating melee assault of the Axe Sister
- coaxing the Displacer Beast into melee

I managed to get one of the hell hounds into position to breathe fire on almost all Mike's troops, which managed to rout the two Elf Archers--but they eventually managed to rally and rejoin the fight. (Both of us had very good luck with rallying troops; almost everybody that fled managed to rally eventually. I credit our realization that a commander's rating contributes to the morale save.)

Blah, blah, blah. You don't want to read all the details, and I don't want to write them. I'll just mention some particularly interesting bits:

Mike managed to roll a 20 9 times in the course of the game. He has told me that I'm forbidden from using that die in D&D.

The endgame featured my displacer beast and my half-orc fighter against Mike's Axe Sister and two Elf Rangers; all five were badly wounded.
Mike's Axe Sister charged the displacer beast and scored a hit; I realized that the displacer beast couldn't survive another hit from the Axe Sister, so after the displacer beast's counterattack left the Axe Sister barely alive, I brought the half-orc fighter in to try to finish off the Axe Sister--inadvertently exposing the fighter to the archers' attacks. They missed, but the Axe Sister got to make a whirlwind attack that finished off the fighter, but left the displacer beast alive to finish off the Axe Sister.
So then the displacer beast charged one Elf Archer, finishing it off; the remaining Elf Archer had one shot at the displacer beast before it was on him, and the displacer beast's concealment would make it a difficult shot. But Mike got lucky on his roll, and shot the displacer beast before it could nab him.

Probably boring to read about, but a thrilling game. :-)