March 1st, 2004


Speed Shopping

Tonight, I stopped in at the supermarket at about 10:40 to do our shopping for the week. I was under the misapprehension that the store closed at midnight. I was disabused of my error after I'd just finished choosing produce, when the PA said, "It is now 10:45 and our store will be closing in 15 minutes."

I still had well over a dozen items on my list, so I swung into high gear. As I finished unloading my cart (with all the items on the list) in the checkout line, the PA said "It is now 10:55."

In some ways, this was an ideal Guy shopping trip:
- I had a list
- I knew where everything was in the store
- The store was nearly empty
- And above all, I felt that it really mattered to shop expeditiously, so I got a sense of reward for getting out in jig time.


Note seen on the Whole Foods Market bulletin board on Saturday: "Acupuncturist wanted for dog."

I am not making this up; sometimes, the stereotypes are confirmed.

I presume that this ad is seeking someone to provide acupuncture to a dog, instead of offering a trade of a dog in exchange for an acupuncturist. But I suppose there is some ambiguity.

The other line of thinking this leads me to is the question of how one develops skills of canine acupuncture. Presumably the proper spots are different from the corresponding places on humans, and it's hard to get a whole lot of feedback from the patient.

And if acupuncture works on dogs, I'm led to imagine the implications of using acupuncture on other species. Crocodiles. Earthworms. Starfish. The mind reels at the possibilities.