April 6th, 2004


D&D Sessions

We've had three D&D sessions that I haven't posted about: Thursday, March 4; Saturday, March 20; and Tuesday, March 30.

The unfortunate truth is that I reached a point where my game passed my point of preparation. And I haven't been able to catch up effectively, because I've been putting a lot of my energy into work instead of D&D.

So I've gone back to the basics of "see a monster, hit a monster." For two sessions, the PCs tromped through the Caverns of Laryn, fighting every sort of sound-related monster I could find. And randomly generated treasure tables. (Though sadly I haven't updated my treasure-generation Perl script to D&D 3.5.)

Truth to tell, this has actually been pretty darn fun. In some ways, I wish I had a more interesting dungeon--but "see a monster, hit a monster" has been pretty entertaining. Particularly since we've had some exciting combats.

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I think that perhaps what I need to advance the plot along is some way for the PCs to work more directly towards being able to take on the vampire Garrett. If they were able to quest to get the McGuffin of Vampire-Be-Gone, they could do that, then return to engage Garrett a second time, and there would be a much stronger sense of direction than there currently is. But I'm not sure how to do that... if you have ideas, please do let me know--but consider e-mail, since my players can read this entry.