April 18th, 2004


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I have a new book to read: the owners manual of a 2001 Honda Accord LX. We bought the car last Saturday, after a couple of weeks of shopping and waffling. It's silver, with grey cloth interior, and 36,000 miles; we're very pleased with it.


So, in the Clipper Magazine this week, I noticed coupons for B-Witches Tavern, which says "We be the Only Medieval Tavern in Greater Pittsburgh."

Their website is amusing to read--it generally gives me an impression of being about as authentic a recreation of medieval times as a typical game of D&D. I'm not even convinced that it rises to the standard of Medieval Tymes.

However, it could easily be so bad it's fun, and the food looks pretty cheap (particularly with the coupons). And it's fairly close by.

So we're going to check it out sometime, quite possibly their Beltane celebration this Saturday. Let us know if you'd like to join us--the power of morbid curiosity draws you in.

There's no denying, though, that it could be bad--as bad as the old D&D module The Chateau of D'Amberville, as chronicled in this entertaining thread.