December 21st, 2004


Christmas Party, Dec-18-2004

Last Saturday was our annual Christmas party. It ended up working out well; I'm generally satisfied.

Estimating is tricky, but I'd guess that we had a total turnout of about 80 people, with a peak of about 50. The party got underway earlier than usual; I counted 43 people in the house at 8:10.

There were several of our valued regulars who weren't able to make it: Mike Peck, the Placeways, Dani, the Maltzes, Sharon and Elliott, Jean Siegel, Alaina and Austin. But there were also several attendees we hadn't seen for a while, whom we were very glad to see, particularly: Laura Tweedy, Mark Stevenson, Larry Hutchinson, Jo Erin and Jason, Kristin and Thad.

Lori got a very good turnout among her coworkers, which confirms how well she fits in there. On the other hand, I was disappointed that none at all of my coworkers came to the party. (I'd gotten regrets from a few people, and one coworker sent an "AAAAAARGGGGG!" message afterward.)

As usual, we were busy enough as hosts that we didn't completely enjoy the party; we were always too distracted with preparing food and cleaning up spills and greeting guests. But we're used to that and pleased to be hosts; that is okay. And towards the end, when the party had died down to one room of gamers (playing a riotous game of Apples to Apples) and one room of musicians, I found it very nice to sit alone in a quiet room for a few minutes--and that's okay too.

As usual, we had a Wretched Excess of food. We threw out food vigorously, and we took food the next day to Kevin's Return of the King showing, and we still have so much leftover food in the refrigerator that it's complicating our life.

I finally got around to using the chafing dish I'd requested as a wedding present. There were a few false starts (such as me not immediately finding the sterno holder), but it worked very well for keeping the hot hors d'oeuvres hot.

In an effort to move up the Capability Maturity Model for party planning, I'm recording our plans and how they worked out, with notes for the future:

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