February 14th, 2005



Tonight's iPod shuffle testimonial:

I was using the shuffle while I cleaned up the kitchen after Lori went to bed.
And then I cleaned out the cat box.
And after taking the cat litter to the trash, I was enjoying the music.
So I took a walk around the block.
As I came to the turn back towards home, I was still enjoying the music.
So I detoured a bit.
I estimate that I did about thirty minutes of walking, all told.

I swear I'm not paid for this. I'm as bemused by the lure of the iPod shuffle as I imagine you are.

Points of note about the walk:
- I saw four houses with outdoor Christmas decorations still up, which gives me some comfort about our lingering decorations.
- I got accosted by a policeman who was driving by. I got the usual treatment I get as an upper-middle-class white male; he checked that I was just out for a stroll, we chatted about the weather a bit, and we moved on.
- The once-vacant lot next to the house we considered buying now has a fully-built house with a for-sale sign.
- The temperature was about 40 degrees, which turned out to be quite pleasant for a walk in a long-sleeve shirt.