February 15th, 2005



So, there's little denying that I've been in a slump lately.
I'm not being very effective at work.
I've been thinking of LJ entries to post (such as this one) but never posting them.
I've having trouble getting prepared for D&D.
I've been having trouble reading gaming books; my gaze just slides off the page.
The biggest evidence that I'm in a slump: I bought a couple of Terry Pratchett books recently when Lori got a teacher's discount at Barnes and Noble--and I haven't yet felt the oomph to start reading them. It's Pratchett, fercrhrissakes.

I mentioned this to Mike several days ago, and he pointed out that I haven't had a real break since the big push before Christmas; since Christmas there's been vacation travel, MacWorld, sickness, and Valentines' activity.
Mike makes an excellent point.

It's not clear that I know how to take a vacation that really leaves me recharged.