February 22nd, 2005



I received the AirPort Express today. Apparently there's an Apple distribution center in Harrisburg, so even though I only paid for 5-day shipping, it arrived in two days.

It was fairly easy to set up, but not quite frustration-free. It wasn't able to extend the current wireless network (apparently that's only with Apple's AirPort Extreme and some other 802.11g base stations, not with our Linksys), and it took a few tries to get it to just join the LinkSys network.

But that worked at last, and I was able to set the laptop to beam music to the stereo.

Oh, it's so nifty.

With a few clicks, I can execute "play randomly from all our Austin Lounge Lizards CDs." (This is interesting because we have 9 Lizards CDs and only a 5-disc CD changer.)
Without getting up from the couch.


Lori, by the way, is delighted by a few of the MacOS visuals. She loves the Cube transition from Fast User Switching. And then I showed her the iTunes visualizer... it's no surprise that she finds it mesmerizing, because I do too, but she's been squealing with enthusiasm every time it shifts to an attractive color scheme.
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I'm having a huge outbreak of Apple fanboyism lately. It's been many years since I've been as enthusiastic about any company's products as I am about the iPod shuffle and the AirPort Express. It's wacky.

It reminds me of my sophomore year of college, when I would spend hours upon hours downloading random Mac software, and had disks full of sound files and fonts I hardly ever used.

But honestly, it's kind of fun. I'm enjoying being this giddy with possibilities.